The Climate Domesday Book in the John Curtin Gallery

Between 28 March to 8 May 2022, the Climate Domesday Book was exhibited in the John Curtin Gallery in Perth, Western Australia as part of the Energaia: Imagining Energy Futures exhibition curated by Stuart Bender and Rachel Robertson.

The Climate Domesday Book in the Access Gallery of John Curtin Gallery

Over 2400 visitors experienced work exhibited by lead artists, designers and writers Stuart Bender, Matthew Churlew, Susanna Castleden, Kath Dooley, Philip Ely, Michele Johnston and Thor Kerr.

Spread exploring Richard Buckminster Fuller’s vision for a global energy grid [Image & Design: Philip Ely]

In addition to the thousands of visitors that were able to see the book in action, approximately 15,000 social media interactions with the Energaia exhibition at John Curtin Gallery took place during the same period. Gallery staff reported a high volume of visitors – particularly children and young adults – enthusiastically took advantage of the hybrid print-digital interaction experience of the book.

Total energy from the sun spread [Image & Design: Philip Ely]
The book partially closed during the playback of Andrew Sunley Smith’s augmented My Walden spread [Image: Philip Ely/Andrew Sunley Smith]