Printing and binding at Bambra

Since we sent the final artwork to Bambra on the 23rd February, a couple of amendments were needed to be made after seeing digital proofs. These were minor copy amends and bleed-related issues. On the 9th March, Philip spoke directly with the Bambra press team to see how progress was going.

The pages were printed and were already being stitched:

The Climate Domesday Book being stitched in the workshop at Bambra Image: © Hayley Evans, 2022

Bambra needed to add extra pages to the 192 pages printed to allow for the enlarged spine that the Magic Bookmark requires.

Frontispiece in view during stitching Image: © Hayley Evans, 2022

In addition, the spine itself needs to house the command module for the Magic Bookmark, so it is ‘bulked’ out so that the module can be hidden from view (see below).

Four custom-made spines for use on the Book. Image: © Hayley Evans, 2022

The spine will be attached to the main body of the book. The image below shows how the book opens and you can see the stitching at the bottom of the spine keeping the pages together.

Spine detail during production. Image: © Hayley Evans, 2022

Our biggest challenge was making sure the Magic Bookmark light sensors aligned with the printed markers in the design. On the call with the Bambra team, it appeared that the markers did not align with the sensors. Unfortunately, this meant a last-minute change to the design (post-print): we’d have to affix new markers at positions on the interactive pages by using adhesive labels.

Let’s see how that looks, in the next post…(delivery due to Perth on 16th March).