Instructions for Curators

The following is a step-by-step guide to setting up The Climate Domesday Book for exhibition.

// Latest: On the 19th & 20 March we needed to make some physical amendments to the book and update the software app. Before final install of the book, we recommend you perform these updates (at the bottom of this page) before you follow the four-step process of exhibition set-up.

Once the book is on a plinth and near a TV screen, install can begin:

Step 1: Getting the Magic Bookmark and the Book Ready

The book comes in three parts: the printed book, the Magic Bookmark (which is inserted into the book spine) and the app on the mobile phone. In the video below, we explain how to set up the book.

8 minute video explaining the principles of the book

The Magic Bookmark should be powered by the supplied charger (G) and connected at (H). The cable connecting the two is labelled G-H. The Bookmark is turned on when the switch is in the position marked with aRed and a Black dot.

Step 2: Connecting the Phone to the TV

Physical wiring the phone to the TV

Cable B-C is connected to the multiport adapter (“Reaka” branded) labelled at B. This is a USB-C port. The other end of this cable (labelled ‘C’) has an adapter which is already connected to the cable and should be connected to the USB port of the TV you are going to use. This is only to provide the phone with power. [The phone is left in a mode that should not lock, but if it does lock the unlock pattern is “C” for climate].

Cable A-D is a simple HDMI cable. A should be plugged into the multiport adapter; D plugged into the Display (or TV).

As soon as you connected the phone to TV (which should be one), you will see a message on the phone popping up to say “Connected to External Display” and then a message saying “Use genuine Samsung DeX accessories” or similar. Ignore this! (see video below). Once you are connected, you will see a small rectangle in the bottom left corner of the phone screen. This is the “DeX” software allowing you to control the screen by using the handset as a trackpad. (See the last few seconds of the video).

What will happen on the phone when you connect

When using the phone, keep using it in portrait mode or it gets a little confusing.

On the TV screen you should see this image:

What you’ll see on the TV screen once the phone is connected

In the bottom left corner are 9 dots ( 3 x 3) representing apps on the phone. Using the phone as a trackpad on the TV screen, click on this to reveal all the apps, like this:

All the current apps on this phone

Step 3: Connecting the App to the Bookmark

Now you’ve got the phone connected to the TV, you’re ready to connect the app to the Book. With the cursor, select the Domesday Book app and launch (single or double-click). You will then see a screen like this:

The Domesday Book app launch screen

To connect the app to the book, simply click The Climate Domesday Book logo. You’ll then be asked to connect to a Bluetooth device before the a-book (augmented book) is launched. The list of Bluetooth devices can update very quickly (especially if you are in a busy location with lots of phones and other devices). Let the list settle down or quickly select Climate Domesday Book from the list and click ‘Connect’

Our list moved so quickly we couldn’t grab a screenshot! Climate Domesday book will appear in your list.

Once you are connected to the Book you will see this screen:

The app successfully connected to the Book

Like on a desktop PC or Mac, make sure you click the double-arrow button on the top (next to the ‘X’) to maximise the app on the TV screen.

Now, you’re all set up! Time to use the bookmark.

Step 4: Using the Bookmark

The bookmark is probably the most sensitive component in the whole design. Aligning the light sensors with the markers in the pages is the most critical part of set up. To help, we’ve recently added some arrows that should align with where the markers may – or may not – appear on the page (see below).

Example of sensors aligning with bookmarks

This was a recent adaptation of the design but was necessary.

Try the bookmark on any of the following pages:

56-57; 68-69; 70-71; 88-89; 98-99; 100-101; 102-103; 110-111; 126-127; 148-149; 160-161; 162-163; 164-165 (all videos); or 180-181 (audio).

When you rest the marker on a page, the on-screen prompt will appear which shows you which page you are on. Until this appears, the app has not recognised where you are and may not be properly connected to the Bookmark.

Once your TV screen (or phone) displays the correct page number, press ‘play/pause’ to activate the media. Note: If our latest update works you can ignore this control. If everything works, you can remove the play/pause button by un-peeling the tape carefully from the fabric.

The play/pause button on the end of the bookmark

The play/pause button will offer feedback – it will click. But be patient with it if it doesn’t work. A gentle pinch between finger and thumb once each time is usually enough but occasionally a couple of presses immediately after placing the bookmark on the markers is required.

All of the videos timeout at the end of their sequences and go back to the main screen. You can pause during playback. Unfortunately, there is no volume control (as we’d originally intended) in this version.

Final Tips: Getting the most out of the book.

The book is a prototype of what might be. Although we’ve tested it in the last 24 hours, gentleness is currently required. If it looks like something is not working, the best thing to do is power off the bookmark and close the app. If you’re not sure of the Android interface like many of us Appletans – find someone who knows how to close and relaunch apps.

The videos and (one) audio clip are well worth viewing in their entirety – particularly those from Astha Sharma, Lucas Ihlein and Gabrielle de Vietri. Gabrielle’s is the longest at 31 minutes but would be a great one to have in the background of press events.

We’ll add further tips on usage on here (and list them as updates). If something goes wrong (or something breaks) there is no Plan B. Much like the climate emergency…

// Update 19th March 2022

We’ve had to update the physical book with a small change on pages 16 & 17 below:

The set-up pages on pp.16-17

As you can see from the image above, there are currently 5 markers spanning the inner spine of the book. The bottom marker (no.5) needs to be covered with two white stickers (one for each page) so that the Magic Bookmark recognises these two pages which enable you to check that the book is installed correctly!

We have sent you four stickers (two to use and two spares) to affix to the book.

Below we’ve produced a short video briefly explaining the best way to fix them. We’ve not made them large and⸺we hope⸺they are just about the right size for the exhibition copy of the Book.

Brief video providing advice on sticker placement⸺including our own attempts to align the sticker correctly on page 17.

The critical bit is making sure, once you’ve got them in position, that you rub them down into the spine. Don’t attempt to spread a sticker across the page, for it will crease and lift. Running your nail down the spine should work.

Good luck in updating the Climate Domesday Book. You now have Version 1.1 !
Check back on this page later to read about app updates.

// Update 20 March 2022

The Climate Domesday Book app has now been updated to allow the “How to use this book” page to work correctly with the newly installed stickers and to allow playback without using the temperamental play/pause button.

Download the app here: or from here: from the phone handset. [Tip: You can read this instruction page directly on a browser on the phone so that you don’t have to type the long URL’s here]. You may need to login to your local wifi using your own credentials.

The following are instructions on installing the app (particularly if you’re not familiar with Android).

After downloading, the file should be automatically saved in the ‘Downloads’ directory. To find this, go to the “My Files” directory (see below)

‘My Files’ directory in the ‘Samsung’ folder on the phone

In the My Files, you will find a ‘Downloads’ directory:

When you open ‘My Files’ you’ll see the interface above. Select ‘Downloads’

Within the ‘Downloads’ folder you will ‘doomsday_final_v4.apk’:

The latest version (v4) of the Doomsday app

Tap it to install and you’ll see this:

Install update pop-up

The current version of the app will update and you can continue to install the book in the exhibition by following this link to the top of the page.  

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