First Proofs Arrive

Friday 11th February. The first proofs arrive from Port Melbourne, Victoria, AU.

Introductory pages, single page prints with 3mm bleed Image: © Philip Ely, 2022

The image quality is outstanding⸺particularly the hi-res images including an image of the sun from Adobe Stock and Philip’s image of the power cables (above).

The Orpheus Pro typeface (designed by Kevin King and Patrick Griffin, from Canada Type) works well as a headline face in contrast to the body copy in Tablet Gothic (designed by Jos Scaglione and Veronika Burian, from TypeTogether).

Close-up of introductory page Design and image: © Philip Ely, 2022

We designed a ‘user manual’ spread which explains, briefly, how to use the Magic Bookmark:

A close up of the user manual page Design and image: © Philip Ely, 2022

One of the our contributors, Andrew Sunley Smith appears in the early pages of the book and we used his work My Walden and Carbon Supremacy as a test for printing (below).

Proof pages 20-21 Design and image: © Philip Ely, 2022. Words: ©Andrew Sunley Smith, 2022

Below, we show one of the proofs of Andrew’s My Walden contribution.

Extract from My Walden (Andrew Sunley Smith)

The paper stock, Sovereign Offset Digital is a paper stock suited to the HP Indigo printer and is a smooth, bright white stock. We chose this to reduce any glare on the printed page, where the Magic Bookmark might read black as white or vice-versa.