The Climate Domesday Book is a speculative design project that explores contemporary questions related to the climate emergency.

The book is a hybrid print-digital device which uses a magic bookmark to read pages and trigger (via Bluetooth) an interaction: the playing of a video or audio on a nearby big screen.

In 2022, The Climate Domesday Book was exhibited in Australia at the John Curtin Gallery as part of the Energaia: Imagining Energy Futures exhibition and is due to be exhibited again in the UK.

Extracts from the book will be published here over coming months.

You can follow project updates here and read more about our contributors here.

If you would like to contribute to future books, or find out how to build a Book-of-the-Future in your city, please contact the principal researcher, Dr Philip Ely now at Manchester Metropolitan University at: p [dot] ely [at] mmu [dot]